Dear all,

Welcome to my new blog. As you see from its name, it is concerned about what is the greatest winning in our life; by this I don’t mean winning in something like race, or sport. For me these are short-term wins, and give you temporary happiness. I personally believe that the great win should provide me continuous and long-term happiness. So how could we achieve that? Please share me your opinion and I will be grateful if it is supported by an example or experience from your life to be more influential to the reader.

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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. The Rungs of A Ladder says:

    Winning, I think comes from the Heart. You win when you do something which you love. Poetry, Art etc. The biggest win, I think is enjoying this life on earth in the best possible right way. By enjoying life. By which, I mean doing things which we love, and in short trying to enjoy every possible moment.

    • karwan68 says:

      Thank you for reply and visiting my blog. You have mentioned an interesting point that the biggest win is enjoying this life on earth in the best possible right way and I completely agree with you. But what is the right way? almost each people has different definition. You have mentioned doing things we love and I think it is a general word, because are the things we love always right? some people may love things that may harm them or harm people like gambling , spending money in a random way, and illegal sexual relationships for example. So I add we love but it should be within the standard of ethics, and honesty that every wise people agree with it.

      • The Rungs of A Ladder says:

        There are two things that define ”right”. Principals and Traditions and for me – Religion aswell. Traditions are something, rules perhaps – that are inculcated in us by our parents, our family, they are necessary within our culture, Like saying Namste(Hindu Greeting) with our hands clasped in India, or standing up when an adult enters, These are traditions and they matter within our culture, and are not generally accepted or used throughout the world.
        Principals on the other hand include what is generally considered right and wrong. We all know adultery is wrong. Theft, Cheating, lying, Betraying are all vices which we have to avoid. These are principals because they are generally accepted throughout the world.
        Religion is an another element which is important to the person. Your religions asks you to say Assalam O Alikum(Peace be upon you) to another Muslim when you greet him. Your religions asks you to be be modest, humble and refrain from drinking. This is another aspect which is important to a person.
        So I think ”the best possible right way” is to abide by our traditions, follow the principals,.and Religion as-well. Staying within boundaries yet enjoying life to the full. And we all can do that.

  2. karwan68 says:

    You are absolutely right, thats what I believe. When your behaviours cotrolled by something like religion or tradition it will be definitely right and in turn this will be the true win as all your behaviours within the right standard so you will be happy and comfortable in your life, you will have a good conscience and think about what is good and what is bad. And that is what differenciate human from animal, the animal do anything they want without any rules because they dont have mind, while the human should use their mind and dont behave like animals and do whatever they want without any rules.

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